10 Best Things You Need To Know When Shopping For Doors :

There are many variables that go into choosing the right door for your space and getting an accurate quote. Having the below information handy, will help our team make the best recommendations and speeds up the quoting process.

  1. What is the size of door? Width and height?
  2. Stand on exterior door, does your door swing inside the house or outside? Are your hinges on the left or right? For double doors, which side are your deadbolt and handle located?
  3. Do you want fiberglass, metal, or wood?
  4. How much glass do you want in door? 1/2 glass, 3/4 glass, or full glass?
  5. Are you staining or painting?
  6. Who’s installing the door?
  7. Remember wood doors don’t come with a warranty.
  8. For interior doors, do you want solid core or hollow core?
  9. Pre-hung or slab only?
  10. Do you want a textured or smooth door? Are you staining or painting?